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You see what happens when Im happy?

Well as of right now I am pretty damn pissed off. But Im guna start and tell you how my night went. Jen and I went and watched my lovely "daughter" Tawnya skate hehe. Ive never seen the cutie skate before but I was so proud. She had like this massive team thing, for synchro... and crap, it was like... wow. Cute costumes, cute lil hair, and just... CUTE CUTE CUTE! *starts to cry* Hahaha! She even looked adorable after the performance, all dressed up in big people clothing. All professional. Just can I keep her, like really! Hehe *claps* Bravo!

Now, back to my upsetting-ness. Lauren was sposed to come out and play tomorrow at her house for this Christmas shindig between Gordie, Dustin, Sam and me. As well as Lauren. However shes incredibily sick (aww baby). So it was just guna be the four of us. And now Dustin decides to be an inconsiderate prick and ditch us. But he never told me. Yet again Im left in the blue with only Sam and Gordie to tell me, oh yeah, hes not going. Well fuck you and thanks Dustin. Thats just sweet. I wish you could take your ever changing moods and shove them up your ass, provided you could fit with everything else crammed up there. You got some issues and I wish you wouldnt even talk to anyone cause all you ever do is taint it or break it or make it bad one way or another. And Im sure in three days Ill be all happy go lucky with the fuck face again but the point is right now I think YOURE the one to be selfish. And Im sick of your fucking ways.

Just. Fuck. Off.
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