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We ready for this?

Well well well. Look who comes running back. Not so big shot anymore, now are we? No no no we are not. And I mean NOT. YEAH THERE! I SAID IT. SO YOUR FACE... your... face... full of... CREAM PUFFS. Yeah. YEAH PSSSSSSSSSSSSSH! I have a new layout, in your face, hah, in your face. YOU BIG DISGRACE. *spits*

PS, I think I forgot to mention that I went and saw Return of the King on Wednesday. Amazing movie. Gordie and I had so much fun, and I kept telling him that everyone in the fellowship was gay. Never seen a boy his age cry... amusing to say the least. Haha. The seen where Frodo gets wrapped in the web, and Sam pulls it off of his face... looks like Dustin. Lauren and I always made fun of him when he tucked his hood behind his ears, hes Hobbit Dustin. And this movie shows so much more why exactly. Haha. But yeah, amazzzzzzzzzzzzing movie. The fight scenes should have been longer, considering it was their great war of their time... Helms Deep battle seemed longer. Oh well. S'all good.
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