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Drunken splendor

Okay so first off, Im just sobering up at the moment. Lauren, Gordie, Dustin, Hilary, Jerry, Nichole and some other people all went out parading around town drinking it up. There were tears, and I had to watch Dustin hugging Lauren non-stop and the possibility of Lauren liking Dustin now. But thats okay, I mean, it sucks, but, yay for her if shes happy. And Dustin also told me he loved me when he was drunk. Not something I need to hear. And that he cried somewhat when I told him about the whole hospital tragedy. And that he would miss me cause he loves me. This is all something I would love to hear when hes sober, although he claims that because hes drunk he can then actually expose these things. I doubt their truth. So. Im home now. And theyre all out, so yay them. Hope Lauren remembers so that she can tell me. Cheerios, for I am tres tired and my hands numb and unable to type properly. :)
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