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Well how goes it? Im perfectly sober now haha. :D Uhm. Some other activities of the night include Gordie, Lauren, Dustin and I playing truth or dare drunk. Gordie dared Dustin to kiss me, and somehow he decided that meant make out with me. So it was like okay whoa and I fell over. And he decided he needed to do it again. And then my cheek got bitten haha.. and theeeeeeen he was like okay lets try that again, and I was just like, okay, this is over so go sit down lol. Uhm.. I also have his chain still.. dont know if I mentioned it. But he was hanging from a basketball hoop upside down, and everyone for some reason, minus me and Gordie, thought he was guna die. I was all "Can I have your chain when you die?" and so he gave it to me and said I could even has his computer. How great did I feel then haha. And then he lived. Damn the world today. Meh. I also told him for some fucked up reason that I was guna fuck his cousin Matt, cause earlier that day Matt had told me he wanted down my pants and I really have no problem with that. But I just didnt wana tell Dustin, but I did, and he remembers. But he seems okay with it. So yay. :)

Today passed with no complaints. I went up to Pizza Hut and got the most delicious pizza EVER. Oh.. just OH OH OH OH OH OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN CAUSE I LOVE IT. Masturbate my ass off to that pizza haha. .... Er.. yeah. Eff you. :P It was just yummy in my tummy. And then uh. I didnt really have an interesting day. Was sposed to do something with Lauren, got cancelled, Dustin, cancelled. So now Im dancing on webcam with Gordie waiting for Dustin to drag his sorry ass online. Yeah team... so yeah. Im gone. Work tomorrow for Ess. So I shall be online later. Alisha is coming to see me for a waaaaay belated birthday thing. Im feeling the love, the question is, are you?
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