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Dont disappoint them

This computer is majorly fucked. It likes to type itself or just stall for no reason. So Im kinda scared. Although Im starting to wonder if it is purrhaps from the game Uru. Its been ever so slow and creaky ever since we downloaded it. Quite upsetting. Making me cry. By the way, that game is fucking aggravating. You think you are doing well, then you get to a certain part, a puzzle purrhaps. And then your just like, okay I looked over everything, so never saw the clue to solving this. So me and my dad are stressing. Although him more then me cause I dont really get stressed just start to put holes through the monitor. Bout it.

Well last night was great fun. All I will say about it.

Im going to go see Mona Lisa Smile tonight with the gals, aka my mom and Marilyn. Loading up on popcorn there and I shall pour on the white chedder. Cause it makes me unbelievably hot and bothered. *rolls around purring* MMMMM THATS NICE APPLES. Haha my bad. Anyways I dont feel like talking forever if my computer is guna be the shits. So I shall leave you all. But have you know, that ... I love you.
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