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2003 comes to a close

Thingy I got from uh.. a friend thingy of mine yeah I forgot my bad.

1. go to a party?: Ryan Coxx's shin dig
2. try something new?: Started drinking
3. have someone change your life?: Uhm Lauren.. Dustin.. bout it. Bad and good
4. kiss someone?: James (ick), Kory (ick), Dustin, Gordie
5. tell your family and friends you love them?: That I did
6. buy something extravagant?: I cant recall to be honest
7. do something nice for you?: I bought myself a ring and necklace. I rarely do shit like that
8. do something terribly wrong?: Took a bunch of pills and winded up in the hospital
9. move?: Look Im moving. My hands are typing. I walked a lot.
10. go to a concert?: I went to a shit one with Tawn and Jill... it was like for her crush... I think it was this year

best of the year:
1. party: Ryan Coxx's
2. show: Buffy
3. cd: Evanescence or Sarah McLachlan
4. movie: Lord of the Rings : Return of the King and Pirates of the Caribbean
5. song: Fallen by Sarah, White Flag by Dido, or My Immortal by Evanescence
6. experience: Uhm... I guess at the time when I fooled around with Dustin. Not anymore sadly
7. concert: AGAIN that one I went to with Jill and Tawn
8. book: Still Memoirs of Geisha
9. month: January
10. day: December 2

worst of the year:
1. party: My house party
2. show: Uh...
3. cd: Christina Aguilera
4. movie: Anything Else, fuck that was aggravating
5. song: Uhm... Miss Independant- Kelly Clarkson
6. experience: Overdosage
7. concert: Eff you
8. book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
9. month: Ever since July and on
10. Day: December 5th... and 6th

hopes for 2004:
1. predict something that you think will happen in 2004?: Dustin and Lauren will go out
2. what do you hope changes about your country?: Nothing
3. what do you hope for yourself?: Purrhaps I shall be happy again
4. what do you hope for your family?: Understanding towards me
5. what do you hope for your best friend?: That she will be happy and wont hold back

during 2003:
1. where were you when it began?: Sick at my house
2. did you stay up?: I went to bed at 10
3. what was your new year wish?: Just to feel better at the time haha
4. how many boyfriends?: One and hated him
5. broke up?: One
6. have any crushes?: Yes
7. care to mention names?: Dustin and Ive thought others were cute but meh
8. new friends?: Lauren and I got closer. Gordie and Dustin I guess cause we werent really "friends" before
9. had to say goodbye?: Yes
10. missed anyone?: Yes
11. win anything?: Yes
12. best place you went to?: Mexico I guess
13. worst place you went to?: Mexico as well
14. happiest moment?: When Dustin gave me a hug, he came ever so far just to give me one. And I was like aw
15. how was your birthday?: It sucked during the day, but like I said Dustin gave me a hug and it was happy. My party sucked cause that night I learnt Sam liked Dustin but oh well right.
16. best present?: Kernels White Chedder powder for popcorn haha AND THE SARAH MCLACHLAN CD

now comes the hard part...

january: I was happy
february: I was happy
march: I was happy
april: I was happy
may: I was happy
june: Started liking Dustin again. School ended. Still happy.
july: Fooled around with Dustin but he swore he didnt feel the same. Became depressed. Artwork changed to more emotional pieces. Ie blood, dark, etc.
august: I sat alone. Depressed. Worked.
september: Dustin and I became friends. Went back to school. Tawn stopped hating me. Gordie and I became friends. Depressed.
october: I think this was the month Dustin and I started something more then just fooling around, never happened fully. Much more depressed.
november: Had my bday party. Threw candy. Depressed.
December: Got hugged by Dustin. Took a lot of pills. In the hospital. Got drunk two more times. Getting better.

word of advice: no matter how bad things are, no matter how sad you may be. there is always something better, always something worse. be happy not only for your friends and family who care for you dearly. but for yourself.
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