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Canadian Idol my ass. Im embarrassed for us.

My ass is oddly itchy so please, be patient while I scratch it. :) Okay, and I am done. Well here I am decked out in my black cord jacket, red La Senza tank top, and jeans. Apparently I look "put together" or so I was told my Caitlin. Somewhat amusing, or so I like to think at least. Haha. I was all like yeah thats great, thanks. Walk away. Fast. Now. GO!

So Im somewhat hyper/happy. But then again Im also very tired. But Gordie took me out to Starbucks and we talked about this entire thing. And apparently Dustin told Gordie that my parents told him not to hang out with me anymore... which is way weird cause I cant see my parents doing that. I mean, I know they told me I shouldnt but they would never call him up and say, dont hang out with my daughter anymore. So I need to discuss those matters with him. Yay.

As for Lauren, she has been telling more people about how I gave Hilary alcohol. Kind of humorous, kind of not since it makes me look like a horrible person. Her only thing is "shes only 15!!!" but uhm, Lauren, you drank when you were 15 so what the hell? Plus, SHE HAS DRANK WITH HER SISTER?!?! Fuck. The only reason she is mad is because she got grounded and thus could not hang out with her beloved Dustin. She could give a flying fuck about her sister. If she hadnt gotten in trouble she probably would have laughed at her sister and been like whatever. But no because it involved her its a bad thing thus I sinned. But WHAT THE FUCK EVER!

Gordie thinks I should make amends with her but I have no ambition to. I really am mad at her, everytime I think of her I think nothing but bad things and I dont think its good to try and become friends again with these bad thoughts in my head. It bugs me. A lot. And I cant be friends with someone who makes me feel bad and is becoming meaner by the day. Maybe Im just paranoid, yet again. Sigh. There I go doubting myself again. I blame them because no matter how right I feel, they always find a way to tell me Im wrong and in return make it seem like Im the one in the wrong. Sigh.

Well Ive had enough ranting for today. Im doing good in school cept for the two classes Im getting 22% in *blush* haha. Thats my bad. But I cant help but hate Socials and Biology. Such shit. Who the fuck cares about unicellular organisms? How can they be uni? Obviously something makes up that cell. Obviously there is something smaller. I have a problem with asking "why" a lot... I dont think Bio is the type of class I should be in. :P

Blech. Go Ask Alice is an amazing book. I recommend it. Though apparently Im behind with the times and like everyone has read it. -_-;;;;;;;; Sexing it up on the east side bwahahahahahaha!.... er yeah.
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