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Why should I care?

Hey poo faces. Mmm... my tummy still kinda hurts everytime I eat and what not because of all the throwing up, and lack of food I had this weekend. But Im getting better. I was really... weak at school yesterday cause I hadnt been walking around a whole lot and so just a lot of movement was getting me dizzy and what not... s'all good though. I learnt that Ive been even more sensitive lately, so Im kinda, not hanging around Dustin's every word and what not. Just, realize that he doesnt mean to, but somehow finds a way, and I dont need that right now... so yeah I told all my friends that Im guna be worse then usual when it comes to some comments, so just, not to worry about anything if I take offense. *yawns* Im really sleepy though. Blah. Guna try going shopping today after school, provided I feel better and so on. But hopefully, right? :D I have to talk to Mr. Favaro and tell him Im sorry for not having done my other oral, and the fact I havent been there lately to do my new one. And I would normally do it like today, but since Im not feeling good and such.... I dont really feel like standing in front of a bunch of people and talking... just... really not in the mood for something like that. So hopefully he understands that otherwise I will get my mommy to write a note or something.

But moving on... Ive told a couple more people like Tory, Matt, Gordie... and I think thats it. Yeah... :S Oh wait and Tawn. I also wana tell Alisha... just cause shes like my older sister and yeah, she cares about me no matter how much she swears she doesnt hehe. They all seem.. generally okay with it. Although I was chasing Gordie around telling him about how they shoved the IV needle into me and taped it there.. hehe. Love to bug the kid. Other than that Ive had to talk to a counsellor lady who thinks Im pretty.. sane for a chick that just did what she did. Which made me feel pretty, till my mom said my artwork scared her. :( She doesnt like my prettyful art. Damn her ways.

So yeah, got school to be going to, and hopefully the mall afterwards. Catch ya on the flip side *bursts out laughing* Ahahahahahah! MWAH!
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