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Defence Mechanism

Hey. I talked to Dustin and got all bitchy with him, then somehow I ended up at fault with being the bitch. All my reasons for being mad at him are stupid. I should have been fine with the fact that Gordie knew he wasnt going. So, whatever. I started talking happier and he continued to use his one syllable words like "ok", "yea" and "na". You can just feel the love with words like that. Oh but then I told him I was guna go to his house and look at his new swords that just arrived. He was like okay, but come before 7 because I wont be home then. Zach and him were going out. So I shimmied over, and now, Dustin lives quite far. About a 30-40min walk. And its dark and starting to rain. So I got there at about 6 o'clock, and Alicia told me he had just left to meet Zach. I was somewhat upset, but before I left she told me that he should be coming back for a minute and that I could wait for him in his room if I wanted. So I did and I called up Lauren and eventually he came back with Zach. So right off the bat there was like, no niceness. Zach was making fun of me a lot, and Dustin wasnt sticking up for me. No instead he was joining in. It would have been funny besides the fact to me it seemed like they were teaming up against me. I didnt really understand what I had done to deserve it, maybe because I got mad at him. Isnt that great, I have a reason to be mad at him, and I get in trouble for it. And come out being the one everyone else is mad at instead. So I finally left and then Dustin followed me out and had the nerve to say it was only polite. I wanted to say, "Yeah well maybe you should have been polite to me in your room." Thankfully I was still on the phone with Lauren so I wasnt entirely left vulnerable. Maybe thats how I was rude, but still, it was unfair to me. I think. I dont understand why Zach was being so cruel and Dustin not the nerve to defend me. I fear for what they say behind my back.

But after that I met up with Gordie at Blockbuster, I had bought Lauren some flowers at Save On, and we picked out some movies. We rented The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Count of Monte Cristo, cause I love both those movies. Gordie and I only watched The Nightmare because after that I got extremely tired and passed out for the night. So it really wasnt that great of a night considering I was in bed at about 9:30 last night haha.

Well Im off to watch The Count of Monte Cristo right now. I have no clue whats on the plate for today, but I know tomorrow its me and Lauren and the drunken splendor that it all is. :) Go team us! Chat with you chickies later. Toodles.
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