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Good day my fine pretty people. Tis a great morning to be alive I swear. Of course, my night sucked because I suffered from a panic attack and had a dream that I did not like. Plus it sucks because its my true reality in the harshest manner to be brought to my eyes. So thats upsetting. But nonetheless, today shall be a good day because I, Jessica, says it shall. Marilyn and Tony are right now high in the sky on their way over to see us. I have to babysit their dog, Roulette, on Tuesday. Which yes, sucks. But I get to go shopping and have great times with Marilyn still, so it all works out. Tony, however, promised me that when I turned 16 he would... *cough* with me. Haha. Its a thing he promised me when I was but a wee child. He read dirty limericks to my mom's stomach while I was in there. Tony is funny hehe. But hes a geek so na na na na! :P

Oh, and why am I happy... well, Hena started a lovely icon site that ME, yes ME, also takes part in. Yes I realize ME doesnt exactly belong there, it should be *I* but shut up. Just shut up. Just go there already!

So I leave you with that fun. Because I just know how much you all envy my oh so not hot icons. Now you can have my ugliness as well. YEAH ME!
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