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2 December
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My computer is all funky right now... so Im guna try this. But if it screws up, oh we shall know why exactly its like this :D Yeah team. Anyways Im Jess, most obviously. Known as Jessy, Ess, Essica, S, Jess, Jessica and yknow, a few others. I have a great many of friends and I love em all to death. A sick amount of feelings for a boy named Dustin, who shall never feel the same back. But hey, hes a great friend... at times :P Other then that, I am quite depressed, but at the moment Im trying to climb out of that hole, and I like to think Im doing a damn good job. So I guess, Im kicking it. WOOT! Cheer me on sweets. Yknow you love it. Anyways, as you can see, Im kind of mentally inbalanced, and you can expect a lot of this shit in the journal. So read if you please.